An innovation house

+Castro is a hub that combines advertising creativity, cutting edge technologies and production skills to offer breakthrough ideas that create a turning point in the life of a brand.

Digital Experts? Creativity Experts? Media experts? No.
How Experts.

We are obsessed with:
HOW we reach consumers in innovative ways.
HOW we surprise them.
HOW we make them live brand experiences they´ve never lived before.

An idea is not an idea
until is done
  • Art Innovation:
    Client: Absolut Vodka
    Project: Transform Today
    Product Innovation:
    Client: Google
    Project: Digital Studio - Case
  • Partnership Innovation:
    Client: Google
    Project: Google Partners
    Product Innovation:
    Client: Mondelez - Clight
    Project: The first line of drinkable accesories
    Experience Innovation:
    Client: Vital - Danone
    Project: A mom is Vital. Forever
  • Experience Innovation:
    Client: Vital - Danone
    Project: A mom is Vital. Forever. - Case
    Product Innovation:
    Client: Google
    Project: Digital Studio
  • Random fest Innovation:
    Client: Beldent
    Project: Beldent Random Music Fest
    Big Event Innovation:
    Client: Beldent
    Project: Beldent Random Music Fest
    Mobile Innovation:
    Client: Beldent
    Project: Beldent Random Music Fest App
  • Out Of Home Innovation:
    Client: Vidacol - Danone
    Project: The heart of the city
    Cultural Innovation:
    Client: Kraft Foods Latin America
    Project: Fly Garage
  • Digital Innovation:
    Client: Todomoda
    Project: Shared Tweet
    Outdoor Innovation:
    Client: Inprotur
    Project: Ventanas
    POS Innovation:
    Client: Nike
    Project: Nike Air live show
  • Social Network Innovation:
    Client: Beldent
    Project: Very Influential People
    POS Innovation:
    Client: Pepsico Beverages
    Project: Twister by Tropicana
  • Ambient Innovation:
    Client: Personal
    Project: Free Sample
    Mobile Innovation:
    Client: Nike
    Project: 5 Runners

    Sampling Innovation:
    Client: Pepsico Snacks
    Project: Lay's Machine
  • Digital Innovation:
    Client: Nike
    Project: InterTwitter Race
    Product Innovation:
    Client: LoJack
    Project: LoLab
How we work?
A ¨First times¨ lab
Every single work of + Castro is a Communication experiment.
(+) impact on consumers
(+) press impact due to innovative content
(+) amplification
Infidelity declared
We don't work for fix clients. We work on a project basis. A modern relationship, in other words.
We love doing
We believe the production of an idea is as important as the idea itself. Thus, we only deliver packaged projects to our clients: idea + production included.
Brand matching
As a production house, we have already developed innovations that only need a brand to match. Want to know them? Contact us here.
In the innovation world,
the toughest task is not having good ideas.
but the capability to bring them to life.
What can you
expect from
an innovation?
innovation circle

The + is not by chance

To innovate, serious collaborations are the key. We customize our structure using a wide range of resources to meet each project's needs.
Many times we found ourselves working on technology developments that don't yet exist, so we work together with creatives, engineers, programmers, scientists and artists.

Some of our strategic partners are:
Sake Integrated:
Estado Lateral media lab:
Cooperativa Mental:

Old and new media doesn´t exist.
Only in the ways they are used.

Nicolás Pimentel

Innovation Director

Nicolás Pimentel has been working in brand experiences for more than 17 years. He was a pioneer in the development of integrated campaigns in Argentina. Before opening +Castro he was BBDO Argentina's Director of Integrated Communications, leading innovative work such as "Barrio Bonito" for Nike and "Bring back slow dancing" for Doritos. During his last two years there, Nicolás -along with BBDO Argentina's creative team- positioned the agency among the Top 100 innovators (according to Cream) and ranked #7 in the Top Integrated Agencies by WonReport.

Only two years after +Castro's birth, he has already been selected by Advertising Age as one the creatives to know in 2012.

Email:  |   Twitter:@nicopimentel

Pedro Saleh

Executive Producer & Innovation Director

Pedro studied Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). At age 18 he lunged into the entertainment industry working primarily in the area of technical production. He acquired analogue expertise, carrying out several projects for the art and advertising industries. Later Pedro began researching the crossover of analogue and digital fields with the aim of modernizing productions which were already becoming more complex and challenging. He took part in the 1st ever visual contribution mapped over Architecture during the International Drama Festival of the city of Buenos Aires in 2004. Pedro conceived the idea of the first interactive public space in Argentina while working for BBDO and their clients Nike: he created the first conceptual football neighbourhood. In the year 2004 he founded SAKE – a comprehensive production company committed to producing and developing a variety of contents. For nearly 7 years now Pedro has been working alongside Nico Pimentel in the field of technological developments, innovation and production. These advancements led to the set up of + Castro (2010) – his first collaborative project.


Rulo Gowland

Innovation Director

My mom wanted me to be a doctor; she clearly failed. Once she took me to Taekwondo lessons in my pajamas when I was six years old. At that point, I knew my mom´s path and mine were not the same. In the end, I studied advertising. I started off my journey as a post production assistant at Awards Cine. I then went on to be and account assistant at Grey and Publicis. For the past eight years I have been working for BBDO, as an Account Executive, Account Director and Innovation Director. There, I worked for really nice and award winning projects such as "Barrio Bonito" and "Seismograph" for Nike, "Bring back slow dancing" for Pepsico Snacks, "Inmessionante" for Pepsi and "The first Twitter commercial" for Smart among others. And now, here I am, at +Castro. Happy. Sorry mom, medicine will have to wait. Maybe in another life...

Email:  |   Twitter & Instagram: @rulemang

Tomás Quartino

Creative Director

Tomas loves music but kind of sucks at it. "To be a great artist with talent, anyone can do that", he says. You can listen to his band Joguinets at
Tomás has worked as a copywriter since 2004. Senior copywriter at La comunidad and SANTO London he developed number of global campaigns such as "Kick Ass" and "Diesel Island" for Diesel.
He made a 2 year hiatus to study music at the London Music School and to work at Pub in East London just to learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guiness.
He did.


Manolo Jofré

Innovation Strategist

Manolo is a terrible dancer but he likes believing that he owns a very particular style. He isn't a gifted football player, nevertheless he has acknowledged to be a great goal keeper. He loves music but doesn't have a nice voice, that's why he "sang" several years in a punk rock band.
In other words, Manolo is an optimist.
An optimistic explorer who likes to walk through spaces that combine brands with pop culture.
He has worked as a strategist at Madre Buenos Aires, Ogilvy & Mather and Euro RSCG collaborating in local, regional and global projects.

Email:  |   Twitter:@manolojofre

Darío Rodríguez

Experience Designer

Online Dario is @almondigalab. Offline he is an architect and experience designer. He runs the collaborative design and 3D model behaviour analysis development area. In 2007 he was awarded a special mention for the master plan reform project for Trieste, Italy. In 2008 he received the 3rd prize for the Moulin Rouge reform and in 2010 he won the product category of the Heineken Inspire contest. In 2011 he produced the first radio show via Twitter.

Email:  |   Twitter:@almondigalab

Lucia Labougle

Innovation Strategist

She started her advertising journey in Agulla & Baccetti in the account department and continued her trip working at Grey, Young & Rubicam and Ponce; where she led local, regional and global projects. During her stay in Ponce, her curiosity made her switch to the planning department where she collaborated as an strategist. Loves getting surprised everyday and has a deep belief in the power of ideas, now ventures to join the ship of +Castro team.


Martu Sasso

Experience Designer

Discovered by Cris Morena, she shared a few "empanadas" without olives with Antonio Banderas. Art lover, studied advertising and cinema. Music guided her to new adventures, and new adventures led her to Hawaii where she discovered the movement of her hips, dancing the Hula Hula.
She had an early start in advertising agencies and her curiosity took her soon to Mexico where she was employed by Digital entretainment Agency as an Art Director.
Months later she opened her own restaurant in Costa Rica. After a year of culinary experimentation she returned to Buenos Aires where she took again the creativity road.
Restless mind, rock steady soal seeker formed the Cooperativa Mental, and months later she was starting a solidary project called, Litter of Light Argentina.
In +Castro Martu found the family and the laboratory she was looking for to continue reinventing.

Email:  |   Twitter:@martusasso

Francesco Vicenzi

The italian guy

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Francesco left his home town right after graduating in civil engineering to move to San Francisco, California.

After six years in North Cal, a degree in advertising and an experience as an art director in few advertising agencies, he relocated to Buenos Aires, to join +CASTRO.

Huge Inter Milan fan, doesn't miss a game from 1997.

Email:  |   Twitter:@franvicen

Flor Arrizabalaga

Project Executive

Graduated in Communications and an advertising fan, Flor went from working at a marketing company to a digital agency, until people from +Castro decided to bring some style and female essence to the office.
In 2010, together with two more partners, she founded Oh My Godess!, her clothing brand for fashionable young women. She also ventured into the world of cooking, studing at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy.
Twitter lover and idealistic girl, she writes about her life and lets us know her every day via @elmundodeflora. Flor was the first female incorporation at +Castro.

Email:  |   Twitter:@elmundodeflora

Esteban Minoyetti

Brand Shrink

Some time ago Esteban almost became and industrial engineer but then he turned into a copywriter. One day, he summitted the Aconcagua and the next one he was working in Madrid as a creative director in global teams for companies like Renault and Unilever. These days he thinks that every brand problem is totally human so he founded LINDA Brand Psychology, a Strategic Planning Studio where he defines himself as a "brand shrink".

Email:  |   Twitter:@minoyetti

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